Commercial fuel tank cleaning – The different ways

Commercial fuel tank cleaning – The different ways

In this blog, we will be explaining the different ways commercial fuel tank cleaning is performed.

DP Fuel Tank Services provides complete gas-freeing and fuel tank cleaning services for all types of fuel storage tanks. This includes all types of underground and above-ground tanks, spanning retail, commercial, industrial, and even domestic heating oil tanks.

Different ways of fuel tank cleaning and de-gassing.

There are different ways you can clean fuel tanks, which include non-entry and manned entry. Depending on the fuel tank that needs to be cleaned, whether it’s above or below ground, will depict which cleaning method is used.

After removing all the contents of the tank, non-entry cleaning is lowering remotely operated cleaning equipment into the fuel tank. Whereas manned entry is having a fully equipped person physically enter the fuel tank to clean it using various cleaning tools.

Manned entry is DP Fuel Tank Service’s preferred method of fuel tank cleaning, as we believe this is the most thorough and efficient method. However, we are also experienced in and equipped for cleaning without manned entry (non-entry).

For the non-entry method, we use a probe with a universal swivelling head to clean he internal surfaces.

Manned entry should always be done by a professional, with proper and correct PPE. We are committed to attaining the highest levels of Health & Safety, and we continually upskill our entire team to the highest standards in every aspect of our work, in order to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

Commercial fuel tank cleaning | two men in PPE cleaning a fuel tank

Health and safety when fuel tank cleaning.

Safety for members of the public, contractors and our own personnel is our top priority. For more information on what we have in place, visit our health and safety section on our website.

All tank cleaning projects are undertaken in strict compliance with all current health, safety, and environmental regulations required by the Petroleum Officer, HSE and Environment Agency. All fuel residues and washings are disposed of safely under ‘Duty of Care’ and EA requirements.

We can also provide fuel polishing, decommissioning, removal, tank lining, and much more!

DP Fuel Tank Services

At DP Fuel Tank Services we can provide you with a full commercial fuel tank cleaning service and maintenance.

We can also provide fuel polishing, decommissioning, removal, tank lining, and much more!

Our expertise covers a variety of fuel types, including petrol, diesel, gas oil, kerosene, and heavy fuel oils.

We are trained in working in confined spaces, and our operatives follow strict Health and Safety rules – we have a spotless safety record!

Founded in 1966, our fuel tank cleaning specialists have been offering helpful advice and amazing services for over 55 years.

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