Diesel Tank Cleaning

Diesel Tank Cleaning

DPTanks are the leading experts in diesel tank cleaning, and have been doing it since 1966 serving as David Plumb & Co LTD.

DPTanks have got the experience and expertise needed to be able to guarantee you a fantastic experience when you work alongside us. Because of this, we have the ability to be able to maintain an extremely professional, safe and level experience, so that your tank clean goes as smoothly as possible.

Our team of professionals are trained to not just clean above-ground tanks, but also below-ground tanks too! Be it a commercial diesel tank, or a domestic one, we’re able to cater for it all.

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The Method

The typical method that we use for diesel tank cleaning is the man entry method, as from previous experience it has come out as the most effective method. However, if we’re ever unable to perform this preferred tank cleaning method, we also come fully equipped with high pressure jet washers with a lance and universal swivelling head, ensuring that each and every square inch of your fuel tank is as clean as it can be. With both methods, we’re always looking at ways to help the environment. Because of this, we attempt to ensure that the vast majority of the water used in all of our operations are recycled for future jet washing.

We’ve got an unbeaten track record of performing to a high standard. Because of this, all of our previous customers continue to use DPTanks for their fuel tank cleaning needs.

Why should I choose DP Tanks for diesel tank cleaning?

DP Tanks, formerly known as David Plumb & Co LTD, has been a trusted expert in diesel tank cleaning since 1966. With decades of experience, we provide a high level of expertise and professionalism that guarantees an excellent experience for our clients. Our team is well-trained to clean both above-ground and below-ground diesel tanks, addressing both commercial and domestic requirements. We are dedicated to upholding a superior standard of service to ensure your tank cleaning process is as smooth and safe as possible.

What methods do you use for diesel tank cleaning, and how do you prioritise the environment?

Our preferred method for cleaning diesel tanks is the man-entry method, which we have determined to be the most effective through years of experience. However, if circumstances necessitate an alternative approach, we are equipped with high-pressure jet washers featuring a lance and a universal swiveling head to ensure comprehensive cleaning. At DP Tanks, environmental responsibility holds great significance, and we make a concerted effort to recycle the majority of the water used in our operations, thus minimizing waste.

Can you provide examples of your track record in diesel tank cleaning?

DP Tanks takes pride in its unmatched track record of providing top-quality diesel tank cleaning services. Our contented customers consistently turn to us for their fuel tank cleaning requirements. We have effectively served a diverse clientele, encompassing both commercial enterprises and domestic users, guaranteeing the cleanliness, safety, and efficient operation of their diesel tanks. Our unwavering dedication to excellence has garnered us the trust and loyalty of our clients throughout the years.