Health & Safety

Embracing Health & Safety Since 1966

Health & Safety

In the 50 years since DP Fuel Tank Services Ltd was founded, Health & Safety legislation has seen many changes and improvements.

David Plumb & Co was set up in 1966, at which time there were already a number of key H&S legislative acts in place and RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) was celebrating its 25th birthday

To highlight our dedication to safe working practices, DP FTS carried out some research and found some interesting facts on the history dating back to 1802. One of the best online historical sources we found was

Speaking of history, DP FTS still has its first ever First Aid box dating back to 1966, illustrating just how much emphasis we put on Health and Safety. (We have installed many new First Aid boxes since 1966, by the way!)

In addition to our commitment to attain the highest levels of Health & Safety, we continually upskill our entire team to the highest standards on every aspect of our work, in order to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

We’ve also partnered with Complete Health & Safety Ltd, they are experts to ensure our continued diligence in the ever-changing world of Health & Safety.

Safety for members of the public, contractors and our own personnel is our top priority. On all our sites

  • Personal safety equipment is used at all times
  • All safety regulations are rigidly adhered to
  • Safety and toolbox talks are given at the start of each day and to every new person arriving on site
  • Two way radios are used to communicate between banksmen and machine operators
  • Only personnel trained in confined space working operate inside tanks
  • Personnel who enter tanks are attached to a harness and safety-line and wear breathing apparatus, a personal escape kit and safety clothing always
  • All our sites are properly secured to prevent public access
  • Staff welfare is looked after on each site, including the provision of toilet, washing and canteen facilities
  • All practical steps are taken to ensure the safety and security of our staff

Health & Safety is not just a phrase or a set of paperwork to us. From the staff at head office to every operative on site, it is part of our culture.

As well as ensuring their own safety, all our personnel are trained and encouraged to point out when others are putting themselves in danger, or endangering others.