Fuel Tank Contractors

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Fuel Tank Contractors

Removing fuel tanks is a specialist job and the process must be carried out safely and legally by team of qualified contractors. DP Tanks will start by performing a thorough clean of the tank in question, so that it can then be transported prior to recycling. We are able to remove tanks that are above and below ground, thanks to our skilled team and top quality equipment, so whether it is buried or exposed, location really is not obstacle for us. From our many years in this industry, we have gained invaluable knowledge that allows us to successfully remove a great number of fuel tanks, with patience and precision.

Expert Fuel Tank Services

Having a fuel tank removed by specialist contractors is the safest option and means that the space left can be used for something new. We carry out removals in such a way that disruption is at a minimum; this is made possible by venting and draining residual fuel before either removing the whole tank in one piece (to process of site), or cutting it into easy to handle sections. Enlisting the help of removal contractors is essential, since fuel tanks are more often than not designed to be inaccessible, which is why we have worked tirelessly to develop our skills to make the actual dismantling and moving of tanks as simple as we can. You can trust that no damages will occur, as our past clients include none other than Buckingham Palace, along with many prestigious London hotels.

There has been an increase in the number of organisations choosing to use new, more economical fuel sources so contractors with the skills required to remove old fuel tanks are in high demand. We guarantee to offer all of our clients exceptional service and our positive work ethic means we are committed to providing the best possible experience from start to finish. No job is too big or too small; 50 years in the business has given us a great deal of confidence in our abilities which we know shines through everything we do.

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Accreditations of DP

Why Choose DP Tanks?

We have an expert team of professionals who pride themselves on solving problems and finding effective solutions. Our clients range from householders, oil companies and independent forecourts to facilities managers and the MOD. DP Tanks personnel are trained in confined space working to operate inside tanks and Health & Safety is at the heart of every job; we are incredibly proud of our spotless safety record and as the main contractor on a site we also make certain that neighbours are fully briefed to limit the inconvenience our work might cause.

DP Tanks is customer focused company with a much sought-after APEA Customer Care Award to our name. Founded back in 1966, we continue to enforce tight control over all staff and contracts, with strict training put in place and safety precautions adhered to at all times. We have a great track record of success as professional fuel tank contractors and our specialists are on hand to offer helpful advice.