Exit Strategy Planning

Exit Strategy Planning

Exit Strategy Planning is a tailor-made service that can provide a way out for independents that are trapped in sites that they cannot sell.

  • A family owned service station where the current owners want to retire or get out of the business and the next generation is not interested in taking over.
  • A no-longer viable rural location.
  • A site in a declining area.
  • A site cut off by a new traffic improvement scheme.
  • Overwhelming competition from a supermarket.
A derelict fuel station

The result is that people who have worked hard all their lives are left with a site that they cannot sell on as a going concern. They either have to solid fill their tanks to make them safe – a costly option – or turn to developers, in the hope that they will buy the site and build a new development.

Unfortunately, they often find that interest from builders result in very low offers, mainly because anyone who purchases a former fuel site for development has to assume that they will have to carry out considerable and expensive remedial work; ie making underground storage tanks safe, excavating them and possibly cleaning up contamination.

However, our aim is to maximise the return for the site owner. Please give us a call to discuss the options available…

Excavations taking place while supervised
a map of a project