Industrial Oil Tank Removal

Industrial Oil Tank Removal

The first part of the process is thoroughly cleaning the tank, as this allows us to safely transport it prior to recycling. When removing industrial oil tanks that are to be disposed of, the team will carry out the cleaning via a hole cut in the top of the oil tank. We are not limited by the location of a tank, it could be buried or sitting above ground and we still apply the same level of skill, earned from years of experience in the industry, to successfully remove it.

Industrial Oil Tank Removal by DP Fuel Tank Services

Expert Tank Removal Services

Since many industrial oil tanks are designed to be almost inaccessible, we have developed our skills to make dismantling and manoeuvring tanks as simple as possible, without causing damage or disruption. Many prestigious London hotels and even Buckingham Palace have enlisted the help of DP Tanks so you know that your project is in safe hands with us.

With so many organisations making the move to new, more economical fuel sources, our services are in high demand. All of our clients are guaranteed the best possible experience and we take on jobs of any size; over the years, our work has taken us into areas that were unimaginable when we started way back in 1966 and we have since developed a strong ‘can do’ attitude.

Safety First

Ensuring the safety of our personnel, contractors and the general public has always been our primary concern, with Health & Safety being very much at the heart of our business right through from head office to our on-site operatives.

To ensure the security of our staff we take all practical steps, including confined space training, personal escape kits, two way radios and regular safety talks on site.

Industrial Oil Tank Removal by DP Fuel Tank Services

What is the process for industrial oil tank removal, and why is cleaning necessary?

What sets DP Tanks apart in the field of industrial oil tank removal, especially for challenging or inaccessible tanks?

DP Tanks specializes in removing industrial oil tanks that are often designed to be almost inaccessible. The company has developed the expertise to dismantle and maneuver these tanks with precision, making removal as straightforward as possible without causing damage or disruption. DP Tanks has a proven track record, having worked with prestigious locations such as London hotels and even Buckingham Palace, demonstrating the company’s commitment to excellence and safety.

Why is there a growing demand for industrial oil tank removal services, and how does DP Tanks cater to this demand?

The demand for industrial oil tank removal services is increasing as organisations transition to more economical and environmentally friendly fuel sources. DP Tanks is well-equipped to meet this demand and offers its services to clients of all sizes. With a history dating back to 1966, DP Tanks has a strong ‘can do’ attitude and a reputation for providing the best possible experience to all clients. The company’s adaptability and expertise have allowed it to take on a wide range of projects, evolving with the industry’s changing needs.