Industrial Fuel tank cleaning

Industrial and Commercial Tank Cleaning

No tank is too big for us to clean and/or dismantle and recycle.

Underground Fuel Tank Cleaning

Fuel Tank Cleaning - Below Ground

Whatever the access, we can safely clean any underground tank to tackle fuel contamination problems.

Airport Tank Cleaning

Airport Tanks

When contaminated fuels can cost lives, airports trust DP Fuel Tank Services to ensure their tanks are thoroughly cleaned.

Commercial fuel tank installation, cleaning & decommissioning services

Commercial Oil and Fuel Tank Removal

Commercial Oil and Fuel Tank Removal

Find out how we can clean or remove any size of commercial tank from small heating systems or back-up generator tanks to the largest tank farm.

Forecourt Decommissioning Services

Forecourt Decommissioning Services

With over 50 years of forecourt experience we can carry out tasks ranging from tank cleaning, through tank excavation to full site decommissioning.

Biofuel Problems

Biofuel Problems

Bio-diesel has caused serious problems with commercial vehicles and back-up generators breaking down due to bacteria and water in the fuel. Rather than throw away bad fuel we can make it usable again.

DP Fuel Tank Services

Why DP Fuel Tank Services?

DP Fuel Tank Services have been serving the petroleum industry since 1966. We pride ourselves in putting the customer first. Once we get a customer we keep them, by finding solutions to their problems. These include everyone from individual householders and independent forecourts to local authorities, facilities managers, major oil companies and the MOD.

We have won and kept a reputation for high levels of expertise and professionalism in our specialist fields. These include tank cleaning, excavation, nitro-foam inerting, tank removal, demolition and decommissioning. Our expertise covers a variety of fuel types, including petrol, diesel, gas-oil, kerosene and heavy fuel oil.

What our clients say

DP FTS is a very easy company to work with, it never puts obstacles in the way, it just completes its task with the minimum of fuss. Its people also got on very well with our other contractors and finished the job ahead of schedule.

McDonald's Restaurants

Our radar network is a vital part of our world class forecasting operations and the work of DP Fuel Tank Services has been very effective in helping us maintain it.

Met Office

This was the second time we have called in DP FTS to remove a tank.The whole operation ran very smoothly, which is very satisfying and reassuring.

PJ Services


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