Fuel tank cleaning and maintenance: The benefits

Fuel tank cleaning and maintenance: The benefits

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Because we rely on fuels like diesel to power so many different machines, from vehicles to generators, it is important to take care of the tanks they are stored in.

It is for that reason that an appropriate fuel tank cleaning procedure should be followed.

Do fuel tanks need to be cleaned?

It’s important to know how to clean a fuel tank.

Although from the outside it can appear a straightforward task, there is a risk that fuel in a storage tank can become contaminated if it has been there for more than a year.

That is because moisture in the tank, due to condensation, contributes to the conditions bacteria needs to grow.

To prevent this from happening, fuel tanks should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent contamination or corrosion.

A dirty tank can not only have a negative impact on the fuel itself when it becomes contaminated, but it can also inflict damage to engines, filters, pumps and other parts of a fuel system.

If a tank is not cleaned, the risk increases, so it’s better to be done properly when required.

How often you should arrange for a fuel storage tank to be cleaned depends on several factors, including the type of tank, its size, and where it is located. Because fuel should not be stored for longer than a year, it is advised that fuel tanks should be inspected at least annually.

During an inspection, a tank will be assessed in relation to any warning signs of contamination such as dirt, water or discolouration. Depending on if there are any symptoms, fuel tanks should be cleaned every one to two years.

If your tank has already had a case of contamination, it should be cleaned sooner than a tank that hasn’t.

It is also advised that fuel tank cleaning should only be conducted by experts in the field who have the appropriate tools and knowledge.

What’s the best way to clean a fuel tank?

The best way to clean a diesel fuel tank is by emptying it, removing the fuel, and cleaning the inside of the tank with the appropriate materials.

The fuel drained from the tank needs to be disposed of safely.

How long it takes to clean a tank depends on the extent of contamination, and how big the tank is.

What is the best thing to clean a diesel fuel tank with?

Typically, the most effective method and the best way to clean a fuel tank is by sending people inside with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and confined-spaces training and rescue procedures, to do the job.

Their first task will be to pump-out and remove all of the sludge and deposits from the bottom of the tank.

However, in cases where this cannot be achieved due to accessibility challenges, using high-pressure jet washers with a lance and universal swivelling head is a great way of ensuring every part of the tank is cleaned.

The most important thing to consider is that manned entry into confined spaces should always be carried out by professionals who possess the tools for the job.

Once finished, the tank can be re-stocked with fuel. It is never recommended to add clean fuel to contaminated material because that risks exacerbating an issue – especially if different fuel cleanliness is mixed together.

Fuel tank cleaning by DP Tanks

At DP Tanks, we can call on experience gathered while serving a growing list of happy clients since 1996.

Whether you operate in the commercial sector or have a fuel storage tank on a residential property, we have the team and the tools to deliver a first-class service that you can trust.

We have tackled every type of fuel tank, whether above ground or below, and pride ourselves on communicating clearly with our clients about the job – all while guaranteeing a safe, professional approach with desired results.

Our approach to work also keeps the environment in mind.

Why not reach out today to discover more about our fuel tank cleaning service?

Concerned about potential fuel contamination? Ask us for help and advice, we have experienced everything from diesel bugs to Diesel and Petrol mixing.

To feel fully confident in your next fuel tank cleaning experience, contact us now.

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