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Operations Engineer Magazine Article

Operations Engineer Magazine asked Nigel Plumb to talk about how underground storage tanks can be removed in an environmentally friendly safe and hazard free way. They have published it in their magazine, under their article ‘Musts when decommissioning buried storage tanks’. A sneak preview: “So, removing a tank is clearly more than a matter of […]

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INSITE magazine article

We have written an article for the INSITE Spring 2023 edition. INSITE is the official magazine of PEIMF+. Click the link below to read (on page 28). Or read below:

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Fuel Tank Services | Clean man lid

Fuel Tank Services – Airport Tank Cleaning & Maintenance

We carry out fuel tank services, such as fuel tank cleaning, within a number of different sectors. One of these sectors includes tank cleaning for airport fuelling companies. We have a wide range of experience in all types of civilian airports, airfields, and military air bases. When it comes to any of our fuel tank […]

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commercial fuel tank cleaning | Outside of a fuel tank

Commercial fuel tank cleaning – The different ways

In this blog, we will be explaining the different ways commercial fuel tank cleaning is performed. DP Fuel Tank Services provides complete gas-freeing and fuel tank cleaning services for all types of fuel storage tanks. This includes all types of underground and above-ground tanks, spanning retail, commercial, industrial, and even domestic heating oil tanks. Different […]

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fuel tank cleaning and maintenance | cleaning a fuel tank

Fuel Tank Cleaning and Maintenance – The Benefits

In this blog, we will discuss fuel tank cleaning and maintenance. Why fuel tanks need to be cleaned, when they need to be cleaned and why it’s important. Whether you have a fuel tank with oil, diesel, petrol, kerosene, or heavy fuel oil, your tank will need to be routinely cleaned and maintained. Storage tanks […]

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Out with the old: in with the new

DP Fuel Tank Services (DP-FTS) and Fuel Hygiene Solutions (FHS) successfully collaborated recently on the replacement of an old petrol pump, thereby making the underground storage tank fit for re-use. Before installing a brand-new pump with DP & FHS livery, the old pump was in a uniquely good condition for a 1960’s dispenser, which had […]

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