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Fuel Tank Cleaning

fuel tank does fuel go off?

Does Fuel Go Off?

Many sectors of the economy rely on fuel for their transportation needs, however are unsure about fuel’s properties and how long it lasts, leading people to ask ‘Does fuel go off?‘ With that in mind, it’s important to clarify how long fuel keeps. Can fuel go off? Although many people believe fuel lasts forever, it […]

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worker removing oil from tank

What causes fuel contamination?

Have you got a fuel contamination issue that needs to be addressed urgently? Our expertise can help resolve – Give us a call today Fuel contamination can be caused by microbes found in water, dirt, sand, and algae. It is more likely to happen in favourable circumstances where bacteria can grow and thrive, particularly while […]

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men in hi vis cleaning tank

Fuel tank cleaning and maintenance: The benefits

Do you need your fuel tank cleaning or maintaining? Contact our specialists at DP tanks today! Because we rely on fuels like diesel to power so many different machines, from vehicles to generators, it is important to take care of the tanks they are stored in. It is for that reason that an appropriate fuel […]

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What is the diesel bug and how to get rid of it?

Diesel’s uses are many and varied, and its reliability makes it a popular choice of fuel, if you need help with a diesel bug problem, contact our team today. It powers many modes of transport, including cars, trucks, buses – even trains – and is also common in the agricultural and construction sectors where it […]

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