Fuel Tank Cleaning Specialist

Specialists in Fuel Tank Cleaning

We are a fuel tank cleaning specialist. Cleaning fuel tanks is a process which requires skill and must be carried out in a safe, legal manner by professionals. Our team are trained in fuel tank cleaning both above and below ground level, offering thorough cleaning services for all kinds of domestic and commercial fuel storage tanks. The preferred method is via man entry as this is the most efficient way, however we are fully equipped to high pressure jet wash using a lance with a universal swivelling head; disposal costs are also reduced because we ensure most of the water used is recycled.

Fuel tanks can be cleaned for re-use to extend the life of your tank, solving problems of bio-fuel clogging, and we are able to prepare tanks for scrap safely and effectively. Using nitro-foam inerting, explosive fumes are forced from the tank by our certified gas freeing specialists.

Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning

One operative in full PPE with breathing apparatus and safety harness descending into a tank to clean it, while a similarly attired buddy stands by to provide safety cover.

We Are Specialist Fuel Tank Cleaners!

We pride ourselves on problem solving and we work with a range of clients, from householders through to large oil companies and the MOD. Trained in confined space working, our operatives follow strict Health and Safety rules and DP Tanks has a spotless safety record. Founded in 1966, our fuel tank cleaning specialists have been offering helpful advice and amazing services for over 50 years!

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Underground tanks cold-cut open ready for cleaning


What types of fuel tanks do you clean?

At DP Tanks, we specialise in cleaning a wide range of fuel tanks, both domestic and commercial. Our expertise extends to cleaning above-ground and below-ground fuel storage tanks. Whether you have diesel, petrol, biofuel, or other fuel types, our trained professionals can effectively clean and maintain them to ensure optimal performance.

Is it safe to clean fuel tanks with man entry, and do you offer alternative methods?

Safety is our top priority. Man entry is our preferred method as it allows for the most efficient and thorough cleaning. However, we understand that it may not always be feasible due to various factors. In such cases, we are fully equipped to perform high-pressure jet washing using specialised equipment with a universal swiveling head. This method is safe, effective, and minimizes water usage, reducing disposal costs while maintaining our commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

How can DP Tanks help with bio-fuel clogging issues?

Biofuel clogging is a common issue in fuel tanks. DP Tanks can assist by conducting a thorough cleaning of your tanks to eliminate existing clogs and prevent future buildup. Our experts possess the necessary expertise and equipment to address biofuel-related problems, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your tanks and ensuring a smooth fuel flow. Moreover, our environmentally responsible cleaning methods minimize waste and reduce disposal costs, making it a cost-effective solution for your clogging problems.