Biofuel Problems

Biofuel Problems

The introduction of a percentage of biofuel to all road fuels has caused problems and confusion for forecourt operators, bunker site companies and tank farm owners. The difficulties range from clogging problems, caused by the growth of bacteria and algae, to the corrosive nature of the fuel itself, which rots seals and tanks. Corrosion problems in the tank itself can be cured through tank lining. Read more about our biofuel preventative maintenance solutions.

Common Problem – Simple Solution.

When storing biofuels we all experience the same problems from time to time including:-Blocked filters, Slow running pumps, Equipment breakdowns and Leaking tanks & pipework.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when these problems would arise.

Wouldn’t it be nice to deal with issues listed above before they cause problems.

Wouldn’t it be nice to save money when dealing with fuel related problems.

Well the solution is here. DP FTS has launched it’s Fuel Testing & Tank Inspection Services. Unlike other companies who offer the same solution to all problems found, we will tailor the solution to the problems BEFORE they arise.

It goes without saying that when you do have issues, we can certainly deal with them, and have been doing so for 50+ years. But what we are offering will SAVE MONEY in the long term.

Some interesting “Fuel Facts”

  • Fuel naturally breaks down at approximately 2.56 grams per litre per day
  • Microbes can double every 15 mins
  • With microbes present fuel degradation accelerates to 5.4g per litre per day
  • Good fuel delivered to pristine tanks is contaminated in up to 12 months
  • Good fuel delivered to contaminated tanks becomes itself contaminated in anything from 3 weeks
  • Sometimes fuel is delivered already on the edge of contamination

Whilst these points ultimately lead to fuel contamination and dirty tanks, what they do highlight is the time factor. If the fuel takes time to degrade etc, you have time to do something about it.

Regular testing and monitoring will pick-up contamination in it’s earliest form, which would allow for cheaper solutions to resolve the problem to be employed. It should also be noted that employing a competent person in obtaining the fuel samples should be a priority.