Commercial Fuel Tank Removal

Ccommercial fuel tank removal with the minimum disruption

Commercial Fuel Tank Removal

The advantages of having a redundant heating oil tank removed, rather than the cheaper option of leaving it in place, is that it is the safest course of action, environmentally sound and the space can be reused.

DP Fuel Tank Services specialise in both commercial oil and fuel tank removal, with the minimum of fuss or disruption. This is achieved by draining any residual fuel and venting the tank to make it safe to work on. Tanks are then removed whole, for processing off-site, or cut up on-site into easily handled sections, whichever is the most appropriate and least disruptive.

Our personnel are trained to avoid any damage to grounds or rooms.

Many organisations are now moving their heating systems away from oil to more economical and environmentally friendly fuel sources. Others are moving away from oil fired central heating because of the increasing legal burdens.

Removing Commercial Tank
Commercial tanks being taken away from site by trailer

Safely Removing Fuel Tanks

Removing a tank is not just a matter of undoing a few rusty bolts and lifting it onto the back of a lorry. We have to clean it thoroughly first, so that it can be transported safely and recycled.

The tanks have often been built in almost inaccessible basement rooms. Sometimes they are completely bricked up to provide a bund in case of leaks, with just a small inspection hatch being left.

This means we have to cut up the tanks on the spot and manhandle the pieces out through a maze of corridors, stairs and doors, without damaging anything on the way out. This we have achieved at many high profile jobs, including Buckingham Palace and a number of prestigious London hotels.

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Golf Club Tank Removal
Golf Club Tank Removal

DP Tanks digging out a redundant petrol tank for West Surrey Golf Club in Godalming.

Their 4,500 litre UST needed removal from the ground in preparation for future building work where the petrol tank was located

We inerted the tank using Nitrogen gas and internally cleaned the tank prior to excavation from the ground. The excavation was checked for contaminants and backfilled using clean materials.

The tank and associated pipework was removed and taken off site for recycling.

Tank disposal DP Tanks
Two giant fuel tanks removed from Royal Holloway University of London’s listed Boiler Room, used as a performance space

When the Royal Holloway University of London wanted to expand the available area in its listed Boiler House building, used as a performance space for the drama department, it called in the expertise of DP Fuel Tank Services (DP FTS) to remove two giant fuel tanks.

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