Tank Lining

Tank Lining

Tank Lining

Tank lining is a way of creating a new plastic tank inside an older metal tank, using layers of fiberglass and resin and the old tank as a mould.Tank lining can be used to prolong the life of a tank, prevent corrosion, cure leaks or keep a cleaned tank clean for longer. By using a double-skinned fibreglass mat as one of the lining layers, the cavity can be filled with a water/glycol mix, linked to a pressure or vacuum leak detection system; effectively creating a double skinned tank.

Every forecourt operator has a duty to carry out a risk assessment and everyone who has tanks over 25 years old should consider getting them lined. Even for much younger tanks, we recommend considering lining as a corrosion prevention measure, especially with the high water content of biofuels. Prevention is always more cost effective than dealing with an actual problem.


Fuel Tank Lining

Lining a tank after DP Fuel Tank Services has cleaned it reduces the chances that problems will return. For specific advice on bio-fuel problems and how lining can help, click here.

Tank lining is also a useful tool for owners of larger tanks and operators of tank farms, extending the life of a tank and preventing leaks. This can be achieved through lining the whole tank or in the case of vertical tanks lining the base and partially lining the walls.

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