DP FTS Helps Revamp A Victorian Villa

DP FTS helps revamp a Victorian villa

When Martin Clowes needed to refurbish and extend a Victorian villa in Epsom, Surrey, he decided to call in the experts to remove a redundant 3,000ltr heating oil tank in the shape of DP Fuel Tank Services  (DP FTS).

Says former building services engineer Martin Clowes: “The removal was going to be tricky and have a number of associated risks, so I knew it was going to require a specialist company.

“DP FTS was very easy to find on Google and its web site had all the information I needed. A web enquiry resulted in someone coming back to me within 24 hours, the job was started in just three days and concluded it in the time specified.

“I was very impressed with the way the operatives carried out the work, their safety procedures were very good and I felt they could be left to get on with their job.”

The tank had been installed in the old coal house in such a way that there was no room around it, so it had to be cut up into manageable sections to remove it from the house. DP FTS first cold cut an access hole into the tank so residual fuel could be removed and the inside thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of flammable liquid, so the rest of the tank could be hot cut into sections.

DP FTS Helps Revamp A Victorian Villa


Martin Clowes (former building services engineer)