Baffle Cutting

Baffle Cutting

Baffle Cutting

DP Fuel Tank provides a safe and highly efficient baffle cutting service. Dual and multiple-compartment tanks were popular on forecourts in the days when service stations had to sell three or four grades of petrol, plus diesel.

These days, with fewer grades to deal with, the trend is towards fewer but larger tanks. 

During our baffle cutting process, we can safely cut holes in the baffle plates that separate the compartments in multi-compartment tanks. Thus creating one large tank.

This type of cutting can be safely carried out with the tanks in place. Tanks are drained and gas-freed, with the perforations in the dividing bulkhead being created by hot or cold cutting. This is depending on safe working conditions.

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DP Fuel Tank Services

With over 50 years of forecourt experience, we can carry out tasks ranging from tank cleaning and tank excavation to full site decommissioning.

We have the in-house expertise for the complete decommissioning of any size of fuel site, from the largest service station to the smallest private site.

Give us the site, and we will give you back a decontaminated plot that is free of problems and ready for any kind of development.

As with all our operations, the safety of the public, contractors, and our own staff is paramount, and noise, vibration, and dust are kept at the lowest level possible.

If you’re looking for commercial fuel tank installation, cleaning & decommissioning services, look no further – we have been serving the petroleum industry since 1966.