DP Repairs Epping Forest Fuel Tank

DP repairs Epping Forest fuel tank

DP Fuel Tank Services (DP FTS) has helped the City of London deal with a suspected leak in an underground fuel tank, to protect the surrounding ancient woodland of Epping Forest from potential environmental damage.

Brinson Staniland Partnership (BSP), which works with the City of London, chose DP FTS to complete the work on the tank located at the main fuelling station for agricultural vehicles in Epping Forest called the Warren.

DP Repairs Epping Forest Fuel Tank

DP FTS carried out an ultrasound test on the red diesel fuel tank, and also lined the tank whilst managing the pipework.

DP Repairs Epping Forest Fuel Tank

After DP FTS cleaned and prepared the tank, they applied layers of fiberglass and resin to form a new plastic tank inside the old metal one, which prolongs its life and protects from leaks.


DP FTS also installed two new commercial fuel pumps with hose-reels.

Two new commercial fuel pumps installed with hose-reels

After a subsequent pressure test was carried out, it was found that the red diesel fuel line was leaking, so a new one was also fitted for BSP.

Says Steve Willock, mechanical associate of BSP: “We used DP FTS for this work due to our good experiences with the company in the past where it has completed the work quickly.

“The staff at DP FTS are easy to talk to, adhere to customers’ requirements, and do a professional job.”

DP Repairs Epping Forest Fuel Tank


Brinson Staniland Partnership (BSP)