Decommissioning Petrol Tanks – Drayton Manor

Decommissioning Petrol Tanks – Drayton Manor

Decommissioning petrol tanks is a job not everyone can do! That’s why Drayton Manor Theme Park in Tamworth called us.

They contacted us to ask for our help to decommission an underground petrol tank. This tank had been used for their lawnmowers and groundskeeping equipment for many years.

Before decommissioning petrol tanks

Before starting any kind of work, we ensure the area is cornered off. This project was located adjacent to the main entrance, and therefore an expanded safe area needed to be established to protect the public and staff at the park.

Decommissioning petrol tanks – the process

Decommissioning an underground petrol tank is a very specialist job that needs to be done to carefully and to a high standard. At DP Fuel Tank Services, we have a spotless safety record and a professional approach.

This project required us to safely remove the remaining fuel left and de-gas the tank before we could extract the tank’s access manlid. Nitrogen gas is used to render the tank temporarily inert as flammable petrol vapours must be fully purged before work to the tank can commence.

After that, we can prepare for the in-filling of the tank to render it inert. The tank access manlid is unbolted and associated fuel pipework disconnected to allow the manlid to be carefully lifted off and the tank can then be filled and decommissioned.

Once the correct volume of cement-based materials had been delivered into the tank, we were able to remove redundant equipment, such as the dispensing pump and elevated breather pipework.

Nitro-foam inerting

Did you know we have a unique and innovative method for the inerting of fuel tanks in lieu of water filling?

Our very own process is called nitro-foam inerting. It’s designed to positively vent explosive vapours from the tanks in a controlled and safe manner, as petrol tanks must be made safe prior to opening them up.

Decommissioning petrol tanks – working with us

We made sure, from start to finish, it was done with no stress on the client’s side, completed within the timeframe, and left nothing behind when we finished.

We strive to ensure we work safely and efficiently, especially when it comes to places with a lot of nearby footfall.

Also, we make sure you only have one point of contact. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with multiple people, all saying different things! That’s why we ensure you will only have one project manager, meaning you will only deal with a single person from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so no matter how many of our services you are using, there will always be just one point of contact and one invoice.

DP Fuel Tank Services

With over 50 years of forecourt experience, we can carry out tasks ranging from tank cleaning and tank excavation to full site decommissioning.

We have the in-house expertise for the complete decommissioning of any size of fuel site, from the largest service station to the smallest private site.

Give us the site, and we will give you back a decontaminated plot that is free of problems and ready for any kind of development.

As with all our operations, the safety of the public, contractors, and our own staff is paramount, and noise, vibration, and dust are kept at the lowest level possible.

If you’re looking for commercial fuel tank installation, cleaning & decommissioning services, look no further – we have been serving the petroleum industry since 1966.

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Decommissioning Petrol Tanks – Drayton Manor


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