Tank Disposal Specialist

We offer a wide range of services to commercial and domestic customers, including but not limited to oil tank and petrol tank disposal, covering a wide area of the United Kingdom. Treating our customers right is our number one concern, so we always go out of our way to ensure that you are receiving a service level that is incomparable to any other business within this sector.

About DP Fuel Tanks

DP Tanks was formed back in 1966 as ‘David Plumb & Co. Limited’, since then, we have served a wide range of thousands of customers, providing a brilliant tank disposal

Tank Disposal Specialist

A previously solid filled tank with the filling removed ready for the metal to be sent for recycling

specialist service and working at extremely efficient speeds. DP Tanks is an award winning business, keeping an extremely high reputation for having high levels of expertise and professionalism within the tank disposal sector. We ensure that all of our members of staff are highly and efficiently trained for the job, ensuring that our level of safety is second to none. Since forming, our record for safety and customer care couldn’t be any better if we tried. We have been able to enjoy a excellent safety history due to the days worth of rigorous training and tight control that we strive to maintain over both our contracts and our staff members. Fall safety precautions are always kept in mind, and fully acknowledged when we are carrying out a job.

DP Tanks’ Mission Statement

Our main aim is to always consistently provide a certain level of service that manages to fully exceed the customer’s expectations. We all work as part of one strong team, working with integrity and efficiency in order to be able to achieve the results that we want, and so far we have managed to keep this up with every task that we have carried out.


Contact The Team

You are able to contact the team from 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday on 01737 767 524.