Petrol Station Tank Decommissioning

He have the in-house team and expertise to be able to successfully complete petrol station tank decommissioning. From a small private site, to large service stations – we have the materials to be able to decommission everything. Hand us over a site, and we will hand you back a fully decommissioned and decontaminated plot, ready for absolutely any construction that you may have ready for it. Along with the rest of our operations, public safety, noise, vibration and dust is kept at the lowest level possible – guaranteed.

Petrol and Oil Tank Decommissioning

We have a wide selection of services that we can offer you. From disposing oil tanks, or decommissioning fuel tanks, our decommissioning services include:

  • Tank decontamination
  • Building Demolition
  • Civil engineering work
  • Forecourt Decommissioning
  • Safe disposal of materials removed from the original site
  • Site environmental surveying
  • Reinstatement of the site
  • And lots more!


DP Fuel Tanks take great pride in being one of the only tank decommissioning companies located in the United Kingdom that attempt to recycle every single material demolished. We also take great pride in being able to offer a quiet service, leaving neighbours undisturbed. All of the work that we do fully coincides with health and safety, as well as environmental regulations.

Why DP Tanks?

  • Been working in this line of business since 1966
  • Cost effective
  • High customer satisfaction levels
  • In-House team

For more information regarding our domestic and commercial oil tank cleaning:

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