DP Fuel Tank Services (DP-FTS) and Fuel Hygiene Solutions (FHS) successfully collaborated recently on the replacement of an old petrol pump, thereby making the underground storage tank fit for re-use.

Before installing a brand-new pump with DP & FHS livery, the old pump was in a uniquely good condition for a 1960’s dispenser, which had spent its life on a country home estate serving the working farm. The Tokheim pump has now been carefully transported to a renovation company in Devon, where it will be brought back to its fully restored glory. DP currently have two vintage restored petrol pumps; a 1920’s hand crank Godwin in Cleveland Discoll livery and a 1950’s Avery Hardoll in Gulf livery. Nigel Plumb, Director said; “Our fully restored petrol pumps are a great reminder of the rich petroleum history in the UK”. Back on the farm DP carefully removed the Tokheim pump; nitrogen gas inerted
the underground fuel storage tank, manually cleaned and gas-freed the tank internally, and carried out ultrasonic testing to ensure the future integrity of the tank. Then FHS joined the project to relocate the dispenser, freeing up valuable space, and installing a full ATEX approved pump along with industry
certified Smartflex pipework. Our brand new dispenser was ready for use.