Oil Tank Cleaning

DP Fuel Tank Services are proud to offer both domestic and commercial oil tank cleaning to cater for every need. We are able to clean your tanks for a wide selection of situations, from cleaning a tank before disposal/transportation, or cleaning a tank due to contamination issues. From the very instant that you contact us, your enquiry will be put forward to one of our skilled oil tank cleaning specialists, who will handle your enquiry with professionalism.

Petrol Tank Decommissioning


Domestic Oil Tank Cleaning

Water and sludge within domestic oil tanks can cause a wide range of problems to your heating boiler, oil-fired cookers, etc. When accumulation of water begins to build up within the oil tanks and finally reaches the outlet of the tank, this is when the problems start. It is important to make sure that your oil tanks are cleaned out frequently in order to prevent further damage to your boilers, cookers, etc. We handle domestic oil tank cleaning with professionalism and with a serious mental attitude, as we understand all of the problems that this can cause.


Commercial Oil Tank Cleaning

When we begin oil tank cleaning process, be it on the ground or above the ground, the priority for us is to be able to gain safe access to and from the tank. Depending on what you wish to do with the tank. For example, if you wish to dispose of the tank, we can cut a hole in the top and clean it thoroughly that way, or if you are wishing to decontaminate the tank, we will build scaffolding around it, and then clean it that way. We also have years of experience cleaning industrial oil tanks, so you can rely on DP Tanks to provide thorough cleaning services – on jobs of all sizes!


Why DP Tanks?

  • Been working in this line of business since 1966
  • Cost effective
  • High customer satisfaction levels
  • In-House team


For more information regarding our domestic and commercial oil tank cleaning:

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