Earlier this year we were asked by south London based WLFE Motor Company to assist with an underground fuel tank issue.

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far….) this site was in use as a petrol service station before new owners developed the site into a car sales showroom.

Our role was to carefully take up the block paving and excavate over the tanks to investigate the condition of the abandoned fuel tanks; as our client had been advised that back in the 1980s the tanks had possibly been solid-filled with concrete, but actual evidence couldn’t be located.

However, upon our investigation we found the tanks were actually water filled!

This then initiated a different plan of action to resolve the situation for our client.

Initially by pumping out over 74,000 litres of water, this was more than expected as the tanks turned out to be larger than first thought.  We then excavated the site further; which meant carefully removing, cleaning and storing 1000 blocks of paving, so that we could foam fill the tanks.

Once the tanks had been made safe, we backfilled over the tanks and set about relaying the 1000 paving bricks to ensure the site was left good as new.

Proper decommissioning documentation could then be provided to our client.