Fuel Tank Decommissioning

Fuel Tank Decommissioning and removing old fuel tanks is a dangerous process that needs to be done safely, efficiently and professionally. We are a one-stop shop for decommissioning petrol tanks, oil tanks, and fuel tanks. Our fuel tank decommissioning services include:

  • Civil engineering work
  • Demolition of all buildings
  • Forecourt Decommissioning
  • Decommissioning petrol and other fuel tanks
  • Tank excavation
  • Decontaminating tanks
  • Site and environmental surveying
  • Land decontamination
  • Safe disposal of materials removed from site
  • Reinstatement of the site


Safe Fuel Tank Decommissioning

We expose the top of the tank, and then cold cut a large hold at the top, so our operative can safely and efficiently access the tank to remove any substances that may be contained within them, and scrubbing the interior completely clean to remove the risk of environment contamination. The DP Tanks personnel that enter the tanks are fully trained and qualified to carry out the job to its fullest potential, whilst still working at an efficient speed. The typical tank cleaning method that we use is man entry, as we feel that no other method has been able to sufficiently clean the tanks to the standard that we hold by doing everything manually. However, if requested or if we feel that high pressure jet washing would be the more efficient method of cleaning we are also extremely equipped and experienced in this line of work. We then clean and reuse most of the water used to wash the tank with all of our other projects to avoid using unnecessary amounts of water.


Why Cold Cutting?

Our techniques when cold cutting mean that we are able to cut the tanks up, and remove them piece by piece. After an underground tank has been removed, all materials are recycled to environmental regulation standard


Why DP Tanks?

  • Been working in this line of business since 1966
  • Cost effective
  • High customer satisfaction levels
  • In-House team


For more information regarding our fuel tank decommissioning services:

Call us – 01737 767 524

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