Biofuel: Preventative Maintenance

Biofuel can cause clogging problem or corrosion that rots seals and tanks

Biofuel Problems

The introduction of a percentage of biofuel to all road fuels has caused problems and confusion for forecourt operators, bunker site companies and tank farm owners. The difficulties range from clogging problems, caused by the growth of bacteria and algae, to the corrosive nature of the fuel itself, which rots seals and tanks. Corrosion problems in the tank itself can be cured through tank lining.

Biofuel Solutions

There are many expensive alleged solutions on the market claiming to be a magic fix, adding to the confusion and misinformation, so we have decided to take a more commonsense approach, based on our own experience, research and largely tried and tested technologies and methods.

Options for dealing with biofuels on a longer term basis include tank cleaning and tank lining.

Each situation is different, so contact us for an individual conversation about your problem, but for general advice we have prepared a free plan, available as a pdf on the link –  DP Biofuel 10 point plan

Preventative Maintenance

To tackle these biofuel problems our customers now benefit from DP Tanks being able offer this service in house. Our specialist polishing and planned preventative maintenance service helps customers reduce the risks associated with fuel contamination. This includes comprehensive measures for testing and monitoring microbial bacteria, particulates contamination and excessive water.

This provides a scientific approach, based on fuel quality analysis and the implementation of treatment technologies designed to inhibit the growth of contamination.

Sample showing contaminated fuel
Biofuel problems

For Preventative Maintenance Services…

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